Veronica Roth get’s emotional about the Ferris Wheel Still

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Last week on Veronica Roth’s Tumblr, The Art of Notwriting, Veronica shared with us her feelings on the Ferris Wheel shot of Tris and Four during capture the flag. I know that I fan-girled HARD when this image was released. I can’t even imagine how surreal this must have been for Veronica to be on set!

Confession: I was on set when this was likely taken, and I may have gotten a little emotional that day (and now, while looking at this photo). This is the actual Ferris wheel on Navy Pier in Chicago. So not only is it beautiful and huge, and not only are Shailene and Theo wonderful as Tris and Four, but that wheel is the real deal, the real thing I was picturing as I wrote this scene, my senior year of college, in my messy apartment with the gray shag rug that always smelled like crackers.

So, this is kind of a special moment for me. You know. A little.

Capture The Flag

Video- Entertainment Weekly Behind the Scene’s Video of ‘Divergent’

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I’m beginning to think that maybe we should have just started a Theo Jame’s site? I really can’t wait to hear his American accent. Anyone else feel like Shailene might be a little smitten? I know I would be with Theo giving off those “masculine emissions”

Entertainment Weekly Youtube

‘Divergent’ tops ‘Buzzfeed’s’ list of Books to read before the Movie!

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I personally love BuzzFeed and check their site usually daily, so I was thrilled when I saw that not only was ‘Divergent’ number 1 on their list for books to read before the movie comes out, that ‘The Spectacular Now’ which also stars Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller is on the list at number 14! Check this list out for yourself HERE!


The Prior Family- A Family Portrait

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Ansel Elgort who will be playing Caleb Prior, brother to our heroine Tris (Beatrice) Prior- Played by Shailene Woodley in the Divergent movie so kindly tweeted a picture of his on screen family on June 2nd, 2013. I for one was very excited because this was our first look at the family as a whole and Ashley Judd as Natalie Prior! Tony Goldwyn also plays Tris and Caleb’s father, Andrew Prior. Aren’t they adorable?

Prior Family

Ansel Elgort’s Twitter