Divergent filming locations in Chicago this week

Earlier in the week, OLV posted an extras casting call from Summit for both male and female adults of all ethnicities aged 38 to 55 for the following roles:

  • People with a “rural” farm hand look
  • People with blunt, sharp edge haircuts
  • People with clean cut, sharp, polished appearance
  • People with severe/unique/fun hair styles – funky colors are a plus (punk rock)
  • People with severe/fierce/intimidating appearance – athletic or body builder a plus
  • People with a sweet disposition, hippie, mother earth type vibe or Bohemian look – Longer hair preferred (both men and women)

The filming for this will take place today, July 5th to July 7th. Twitter user @FearlessLove13 shared a photo of the filming locations for Catbird, the working title for Divergent. Check it out below (click to view full):

Ashley Judd, who plays Natalie Prior, also tweeted about the last few days of filming a few hours ago:

Can’t believe it’s almost over!

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