Ansel Elgort Instagram’s New Photo of The Divergent Comic Con Panel

Ansel wrote on his Instagram “TheĀ #divergentĀ comic con panel!!! That was crazy. I one point I was so freaked out by all 7000 people I was talking to that I forgot what I was saying mid sentence…” Well Ansel, I would be freaked out by 7000 people too!


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Divergent Stills Now in HQ!


We now have all the Divergent stills in HQ! Enjoy guys!

Videos: HitFix Interviews Theo, Shailene, Christian, Miles, and Ben at Comic Con

HitFix had the opportunity to sit down with Theo James, Shailene Woodley, Christian Madsen, Miles Teller, and Ben Lloyd Hughes at Comic Con! Love these interviews!

Theo and Shailene




Source: HitFix

Video: Veronica Roth Tells Fandango How She is Enjoying the ‘Press Experience” So Far

Veronica tells how she is enjoying the “press experience” of being involved with Divergent, how she didn’t really think Divergent would be turned into a movie, when she started writing Divergent, and more! Veronica is so adorable when she interviews!

Source: Fandango