Cast Profiles

Coming soon! Here, you will find complete profiles for each actor in the Divergent movie. Every bit of news, information, facts, and quotes we have gathered are confirmed either by an official site or by the actors themselves.

If you’re looking for official website information on all the cast members, head on over to our Cast Website List.

Tris Prior • Shailene Woodley

Caleb Prior • Ansel Elgort 

Natalie Prior • Ashley Judd 

Andrew Prior • Tony Goldwyn

Four • Theo James 

Eric • Jai Courtney 

Jeanine Mattews • Kate Winslet

Marcus Eaton • Ray Stevenson

Peter • Miles Teller

Christina • Zoe Kravitz 

Tori • Maggie Q

Max • Mekhi Phifer 

Al • Christian Madsen 

Will • Ben Lloyd-Hughes

Edward • Ben Lamb

Lauren • Justine Wachsberger