Cast Websites

We’re sure it’s not easier keeping up with what actor has an official site or not. To makes things easier we have complied a list of official IMDB, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Whosay accounts for the Divergent cast.

Tris Prior • Shailene Woodley IMDB ¦ Twitter

Caleb Prior • Ansel Elgort IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦ Instagram ¦ Whosay

Natalie Prior • Ashley Judd IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦ Facebook ¦ Website

Andrew Prior • Tony Goldwyn IMDB ¦ Twitter

Four • Theo James IMDB

Eric • Jai Courtney IMDB

Jeanine Mattews • Kate Winslet IMDB

Marcus Eaton • Ray Stevenson IMDB ¦ Facebook ¦ Website

Peter • Miles Teller IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦ Facebook ¦ Instagram

Christina • Zoe Kravitz IMDB ¦ Twitter

Tori • Maggie Q IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦ Whosay

Max • Mekhi Phifer IMDB ¦ Twitter

Al • Christian Madsen IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦ Facebook

Will • Ben Lloyd-Hughes IMDB

Edward • Ben Lamb IMDB ¦ Twitter ¦ Instagram

Lauren • Justine Wachsberger IMDB

2 thoughts on “Cast Websites

  1. Did Veronica Roth and or any of the people working for the movie give an explanation for why Uriah isn’t in the movie? I mean, I know books are changed when they get turned into a movie, but he was a semi important role in the first Divergent book.

    • Hello! Yes actually Veronica did address the question… Apparently he is not being cast until the 2nd movie. They want to “properly introduce” him apparently. Sadly not EVERYTHING can make it into book to movie adaptions or we would have 4 hour movies. Lets hope they know what they are doing!
      Veronica said, “Some of you may have heard, and some may not, that Uriah won’t be cast until the second movie, if we are fortunate enough to make another one. It is understandably disappointing when a favorite character doesn’t make it on screen. However, what I do think is encouraging is that the people working on the movie are taking the role of Uriah so seriously and taking so much care to get him right.”

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