The Spectacular Now- A Thoughtful but not gushing review

After many failed attempts I was finally able to go to a screening of ‘The Spectacular Now’ last night! The movie is based off of the book by author Tim Thorpe. I read the book last month with one of the quirky book clubs that I am a part of and in all honestly was not impressed. I was left with a sense of feeling like I needed to “parent” if you will ‘Sutter Keely’ the main character in the story.  I gave the book a 3 star rating on good reads, which is kind of low for me considering I usually research my books fairly well and it’s rare that I read a book that I really just don’t love.  (Which by the way, is the beauty of if you aren’t familiar with the site)


After hearing that Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller were cast as the two main characters I was really excited, after all they are playing two main characters in the upcoming ‘Divergent’ movie that I’m highly invested in. I would have to say my favorite experience of the movie was the actors themselves. Miles Teller did an exceptional job of capturing “Sutter Keely”- the high school senior and smooth talking charmer who unexpectedly falls in love with the “girl next door” ‘Aimee Finecky’ (Shailene Woodley). It was refreshing to see Shailene play a character different from “Secret Life” and “The Descendants”.  I felt as though the interaction between these two was very real and reminiscent of how extremely awkward high school love can be and the butterflies that are accompanied with new experiences. It showed us real emotions in a real life setting that felt very much like it could have been your neighborhood growing up. It shows that two people who can be extremely different can be drawn together. Sutter lives in the now, And Amy dreams of a future.  I experienced many emotions while watching this movie that I haven’t felt in a while. One of which being anxiety. I felt the uncomfortable silence during their love scene, but at the same time it was oh so very REAL which is the vibe I think they were going for. If so, They nailed it. After it ended, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought. I needed some time to collect my thoughts before giving an honest opinion!


From a book to movie point of view, I felt that it stayed fairly true to the book which is always nice with a couple exceptions here and there and particularly the ending. Without spoiling too much, I felt the book ending left me hollow and wanting more whereas the movie ending gave me hope for this tragic almost train wreck of a story.  I heard some say they would have preferred to keep the ending of the book but a lot of people were like ME where they were left wanting more closure after finishing the book, which I think you get with the movie.spec

As a whole I don’t know how I would recommend this movie. I can’t say that I loved it, That I loved the story, but I was glad that I saw it just to witness some of the truly amazing young talent I believe we have coming up in Hollywood right now! I loved the fact that hardly any makeup was used in filming this movie and Miles Teller is not shy in the least bit about showing his scars from a horrific car accident he was in a few years ago (Google it, I know you were wondering too while watching him). It shows a great moral message that the smart, shy good nature girls that don’t wear the hottest trends or a ton of makeup are still beautiful and can go on to do amazing things which I thought was a great message to bestow.spec11

Don’t go to the theater expecting a funny rom/com that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, go expecting to be touched in different way’s you probably weren’t expecting and be prepared for some “Oh Crap” moments as well and then come back and comment on your thoughts here! We would love to hear them!specnow3

The Spectacular Now in playing in select theaters nationwide!

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Photos from the Private Screening of ‘The Spectacular Now’

Wednesday Night was the private screening of The Spectacular Now at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York.  We have photos of director James Ponsoldt and stars Miles Teller & Shailene Woodley, thanks to Just Jared.

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This is pretty cool! I wish I lived closer so that I could go see some of these in the theater! Let us know if any of you go!
Landmark Theaters across the country, along with the Angelika in Dallas and the Los Feliz theater in Los Angeles have curated a film series for the month of July, presenting an iconic coming-of-age film each week leading up to theatrical release of THE SPECTACULAR NOW (August 2). An exclusive video introduction will precede each screening by screenwriters Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter. Audience members will also receive a ticket to an advance word of mouth screening of THE SPECTACULAR NOW in their market.
Tuesday, July 9 – SAY ANYTHING
Tuesday, July 16 – DAZED AND CONFUSED
Tuesday, July 23 – ALMOST FAMOUS
Tuesday, July 30 – BREAKFAST CLUB
New York – Landmark Sunshine
Los Angeles – Los Feliz
Dallas – Angelika Dallas
Boston – Kendall Square Cinema
DC – E Street Cinema
Philadelphia – Ritz Five
Chicago – Century Centre Cinema
Minneapolis – Lagoon Cinema
Seattle – Harvard Exit Theatre
THE SPECTACULAR NOW official site: