Review: Divergent Short Story “The Transfer”


We all have situations that shape us into the people we are today. In The Transfer we get a short up close and personal look into the world of Tobias Eaton/Four. We follow him from his aptitude test through his first day as a new initiate of Dauntless, which is a big turning point for our hero. In this captivating novella, we see how complex Four really is.

Straight and to the point, Veronica Roth gives us a deeper understanding of Four’s decision to leave Abnegation and his new-found commitment to become more than Marcus Eaton’s submissive son. We already knew that Marcus Eaton was a horrible monster; but coming from our beloved Four’s point-of-view, it’s like rubbing salt into the wound, twisting the knife, (insert other painful idiom).  It’s no wonder that Four was desperate to break free of his father. Leaving the world of abuse and Abnegation behind, The Transfer will surely leave any Divergent fan wanting more of Four!

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Because our friends over at DivergentFans are AWESOME we have screencaps of the free preview of ‘The Transfer’ by Veronica Roth available for your viewing pleasure! I can’t even handle it! Too much Divergent goodness today! Thetransfer4 Thetransfer5 Thetransfer6 Thetransfer7 Thetransfer8