Shailene Woodley discusses her various roles in The Descendants, The Spectacular Now and Divergent

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In a Q & A with Yahoo! Movies, Shailene Woodley talks about playing characters of different ages in her most-talked about current movies – The Descendants, The Spectacular Now and Divergent.

Check out excerpts below:

How do you personally resemble your characters Alexandra from “The Descendants” and Aimee from “The Spectacular Now?”
I’m a mix of all of them. I had the anger and the complex emotional drama of Alexandra. I also had the tenderness and the audacity and the search for knowledge of Aimee. Combining them is a healthy mix of who I was as a teen.

Now you play an honor student that takes to the flask and loses her virginity…
Aimee also comes from a broken family situation but while Alexandra wallowed in self-pity, Aimee found strength and turned it into a passion for future. She did get the grades, and was in the French Club and then she met someone.

And it’s back to being a teenager for “Divergent,” which opens big next March
I play Tris, a sixteen to eighteen year old who has to choose to value herself over her family. In the future there are many factions, and once you leave your birth faction you don’t return. In the course of the story Tris experiences the consequences of leaving her family behind. Her actions highlight her bravery and selflessness at the same time.

Have you personally had to break away from your family to hammer out your own identity, particularly as your star has risen?
I have the most magical profound family in the planet. I’m grateful for the fact every day. I spend most of my time with family and best friends. They go everywhere with me. I’m lucky that I didn’t have to try and maintain my relationships. They are maintained. You don’t have to think about breathing and I don’t have to worry about losing anybody because we’re all so interwoven into each other so closely.

It’s refreshing to hear the candor in her answers, don’t you think? Read the rest of the interview for more here.