‘Divergent’ filming close to wrapping

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Insert sad face here. While this does mean that we are one day closer to the movie being released, it means no more set pictures to get excited for. Hopefully we will be getting some goodness as far as footage or maybe a teaser trailer in a few weeks at Comic Con!

Here is a picture of the Abnegation houses being demolished

abnegation houses


On a similar note, Amy Newbold, who plays Molly tweeted today: “2nd to last day on#Divergent set!!! #EndisNear#Bittersweet #NextAdventureAwaits.”

Sad to see it coming to an end but excited for everything that lies ahead!



Video- Entertainment Weekly Behind the Scene’s Video of ‘Divergent’

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I’m beginning to think that maybe we should have just started a Theo Jame’s site? I really can’t wait to hear his American accent. Anyone else feel like Shailene might be a little smitten? I know I would be with Theo giving off those “masculine emissions”

Entertainment Weekly Youtube

The Prior Family- A Family Portrait

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Ansel Elgort who will be playing Caleb Prior, brother to our heroine Tris (Beatrice) Prior- Played by Shailene Woodley in the Divergent movie so kindly tweeted a picture of his on screen family on June 2nd, 2013. I for one was very excited because this was our first look at the family as a whole and Ashley Judd as Natalie Prior! Tony Goldwyn also plays Tris and Caleb’s father, Andrew Prior. Aren’t they adorable?

Prior Family

Ansel Elgort’s Twitter