Shailene Woodley Dominates book to movie adaptions!

Entertainment Weekly has provided us with a very useful chart of how Shailene is taking the book to movie film adaption world by storm! specnow_infographic

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Video: Shailene Woodley confirms Four’s age will be 24 in #Divergent movie

In a new interview from Comic Con with Access Hollywood, Shailene Woodley talked about Divergent movie and revealed this bit of info about the leading characters’ age. According to Shailene, Four is going to be 24/25 and they never mention Tris’s age, so you could just assume she’s 18 or a year older.

Check out the interview by clicking the picture below:


I, for one, don’t think it matters at all. Yes, Divergent is about how the young girl has to choose a faction, leave her family and then fight it out for her life, but the age factor never really affects the bigger scheme of things. What do you think?

Comic Con: What was shown in the first footage from Divergent!


The first-ever footage from Divergent was shown to fans at the Hall H panel yesterday on San Diego Comic Con’s first day. While the footage is not available online just yet (ugh, right?!), Yahoo! Movies reported on what it included:

Fans got a sneak peek at the film, directed by Neil Burger (“Limitless”), where stars Woodley and Zoe Kravitz are seen riding a train in a futuristic Chicago.  The pair leap from the train to the top of a broken down seven story building in order to join other aspiring members of the Dauntless, a tribe of individuals in the city known for the bravery. “There are green screen ways to to that,” Burger said, “but they really climbed atop a train and jumped from it.”

The group is then challenged to dive from the rooftop into a cavernous opening more than a hundred feet below. Woodley’s character Triss volunteers to go first, landing in a net below.

“What, did you get pushed?” asks Four, a fellow member of the Dauntless played by Theo James.

The rest of the footage then showcased a training montage in which Triss stands against a wall while Four throws a series of knives at her head.

After a series of scenes showing Triss climbing a giant Ferris Wheel, boxing and throwing her own knives at a target, Four says, “Maybe you do belong here.”

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Can’t wait for it to be available online and we get to share it with all of you!