Exclusive Video: Interview with Ben Lloyd Hughes, Miles Teller, Christian Madsen, Amy Newbold, and Zoe Kravitz

Today Mandy and I got to sit down with Christian Madsen (Al), Miles Teller (Peter), Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Will), Amy Newbold (Molly) and Zoe (Christina). We would like to make one thing clear… Just because our url is trisandfour.com does not mean we are biased towards the rest of the Cast!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! Hope you enjoy the Video!

EXCLUSIVE! More Divergent Press Conf. Pictures! Dauntless Cast!

theofourwater11Check out some of our pictures from the Dauntless Divergent Cast! They were awesome! theofourwater2 theofourwater3 theofourwater4 theofourwater5 theofourwater6 theofourwater7 theofourwater8 theofourwater9 theofourwater10

EXCLUSIVE- HQ Photo’s from Divergent Press Conference at SDCC THEO & SHAI

I’m pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves. Needless to say the press conference was amazing! If I wasn’t excited for this movie before… I am NOW! I am confident that these characters are going to do our beloved book characters justice! Theo- SWOON guys!! Shailene was SO personable! We have video’s coming but wanted to show you these pictures ASAP!! ENJOY!

theofourwater19theofourwater14 theofourwater13 theofourwater12theofourwater15 theofourwater16 theofourwater17 theofourwater18

EXCLUSIVE Photo’s of Divergent Cast- Dauntless Members!

We were able to sit down this morning with Ben Lloyd Hughes, Miles Teller, Christian Madsen, Amy Newbt old, and Zoe Kravitz! In case you don’t know who they are: Al, Peter, Will, Molly and Christina! Here are a few pictures to hold you over until we get our video up on youtube! (It’s called LOTS of people and  SLOW wifi!!!) We have a very good looking cast guys! I think I have some new crush’s! photo 1

photo 3 photo 2