“It’s a Wrap!” On filming ‘Divergent’

Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears that “It’s a Wrap!” On the filming of the Divergent movie! Amy Newbold (Molly) tweeted this earlier that she was heading to the Divergent Wrap Party:

Then, Shailene Woodley’s stunt double, Alicia Vela-Bailey tweeted this with a picture of her very “Dauntless” heels!



Yes. It’s bittersweet but we as a fandom have been VERY lucky to see all the AMAZING set coverage!!! We have seen so many awesome stills, people have had wonderful fan encounters and it has seemed like the filming of Divergent has been a great experience for everyone involved!! Now we get to look forward to things like the first footage being shown at San Diego International Comic Con on Thursday and our first trailer!