Theo James to star in ‘London Fields’ with Amber Heard and Billy Bob Thornton!

According to Deadline, Theo James will soon be shooting the upcoming book to screen adaption of “London Fields”, a futuristic murder mystery novel by Martin Amis. Theo will be joining fellow actors, Amber Heard (Paranoia, Syrup) Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade, Armageddon) Jaimie Alexander(Thor) and Jim Sturgess (21, Cloud Atlas).


Heard plays the ultimate eternal sexual femme fatale, possessed of unusual beauty and hypnotic magnetism. Mysterious and clairvoyant, she sets a plan in motion to fulfill the prophecy of her own murder. Caught up in Nicola’s plan are a terminally ill writer (Thornton), a lowly street hustler (Sturgess) and an unhappily married banker (James), who become intertwined in a love triangle that unfolds in the grimy underbelly of London. Samson convinces Nicola to let him document her manipulations in a book she says will be his literary masterpiece but only she knows who the tale will end and who her killer will be.

I don’t know about you, but we are pretty excited to get news of Theo’s new project!!