Picture: New Still from the Spectacular Now!

The Spectacular Now opens next month starring Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley, In this new still from their official Tumblr page, we get a glimpse of Miles playing Sutter Keely! I love this still, While I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the book, I think that Miles and Shailene are really going to bring these characters to life!


Breaking Down the Divergent Stills- Real Talk

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We now have 13 official movie still’s from Divergent. In my haste to get them up as soon as possible the other day, I did not take the time to sit and fully LOOK at each image! So I thought I would go over each one and point out the basic things that I see that I found exciting and interesting! 

1. This is Neil Burger (director) talking to Theo James (Four) and Jai Courtney (Eric).  Obviously the first thing I see in this picture is Four. Duh. But VERY quickly my attention is diverted to Eric. Oh My Gosh. He looks JUST how I pictured him and loathed to hate him in the book! It’s perfect! I’m pretty sure they are in the training room. I think you can see the bulls eye’s from the first still released with Tris along the back wall. I can make out who the other people in the back ground are. 


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Theo James IS ‘Four’

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When I heard that they were be going to be filming a movie adaption of my favorite book series I honestly freaked a bit. I was very against it. Yes I was known as a “twi hard”. And some may shoot me for saying this but we all know that the movies weren’t THAT great. They were livable. I immediately thought upon hearing the news. There is no way that they can cast my precious ‘Four’. No way. No man will ever live up to the person that I have created in my head. Now I will stay I do still have my doubts. There is SO much content to ‘Divergent’ that i’m still a little scared.. but as set pictures start to trickle out here and there, my inner fangirl is screaming. Okay, I lie. My OUTER fan girl has squeeled a bit. Especially at 9 am on Friday June 7th when my ‘Four’- My Tobias Eaton (spoiler alert! sorry guys) was proclaimed to the world through the wonderful man known as Mr. Theo James.


NO WORDS guys. I am Dead. Someone get a defibrillator because I need to be revived. Stat. Just so that I can faint all over again. The perfection in this photo is just too much. Let me break it down for you. The Clenched Hands. Those Piercing Eyes. The Biceps guys. The Biceps. He Literally embodies in ONE still everything that SCREAMS ‘Four’ to me and I could not be happier. I felt as though this NEEDED to be my first post for this site. I know the picture has already come out. But for reals, who doesn’t need a little more reminding!!

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the Still