Picture: Where Shailene Woodley will be sitting during the VMA’s

Wow! Good seat’s Shai! Sitting right behind Justin Timberlake? I hope Theo is next to you! That will be too much hotness in one area!




Abnegation Invasion by Dauntless! New Set Photo’s!

I think our friends over at DivergentFan’s are my favorite. This morning they gave us a nice 4th of July surprise with NEW set pictures of the Dauntless invasion on Abnegation!

Here we see the Dauntless getting ready to invade. I spy Shai and Theo… Do you?


Weapons… Uniform stance. Loving it!


An Abnegation family being drug out of their house while (we believe) Marcus Eaton (Ray Stevenson)  is being held at gun point!


Check out this awesome Video as well!

Head on over to DivergentFan’s to see LOTS more pictures!!