Shailene Woodley’s first ‘sex scene’ in ‘Spectacular Now’ is her favourite scene

specnowWoodley revealed during an interview on The View that she had no issues with  filming the scene, despite it being the first sex scene of her career. She praised co-star Miles Teller, and the realism of the scene.

She explained: “It’s my  favorite scene in the whole movie because it is so real. The audience does feel  uncomfortable watching it, because it almost feels like you’re invading  somebody’s privacy.

“There’s not fancy music playing and there’s not any  exaggeration of what it’s like to be intimate with somebody for possibly the  first time. It’s also just a minute-long shot of us making love.”

I am looking forward to seeing this movie. I appreciate that they tried to make something “real” I have read Shailene say this movie is “the most authentic coming-of-age movie that we’ve had in maybe 20 years” and THAT is exciting!

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(Video) Footage of a Q&A session with the cast of ‘The Spectacular Now’

At LA Film Fest last week, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller paid a visit to the screening of their new movie ‘The Spectacular Now’ based off of the novel by, Tim Tharp.

They did a Q&A session with other members of the cast and crew!

I finished the book last night, It took me a little while to get into it, and I wasn’t totally IN LOVE with it, however I think Miles and Shailene will do a fantastic job of portraying these characters!

Again, If you haven’t read it yet, Our Friends over at That’s Normal are reading this book  in their “Boozy Book Club” this month! It’s always fun to read books with friends so hop over there and check it out!!

Take a look!