Pictures: John Green shares new pictures from #TFIOS movie set!

John Green sure has been awesome with his instagram pictures from ‘The Fault in our Stars’ movie set in Pittsburgh! In these few we get to see Shailene on set during a rain delay in shooting, with a fellow support group actor. John shared that the most of the support group extra’s are teen cancer survivors! How awesome is that? We have a lovely picture of our “Gus, Isaac and Hazel” as well as Hazel’s mom, played by the lovely Laura Dern (Jurassic Park anyone?!). Check them out!

tfios1 tfios2 tfios3 tfios4


TFIOS producer Wyck Godfrey tweets “We are literally in the heart of Jesus”

Wyck Godfrey likes to tease us we think! Today he tweeted “We are literally in the heart of Jesus” and then posted this picture:


Wyck quickly clarified that it’s just pretty stained glass at the church- NOT the actual support group room. Either way… We like it!



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