GIveaway! Entertainment Weekly, Divergent!

We didn’t hit 200 follower’s by 7pm tonight but when we do… We will give away a copy of the Divergent Entertainment Weekly!! Spread the word!!¬†

Happy 1 Week birthday to! In honor of our first week’s launch doing SO well and how supportive our friends have been, we want to do a little giveaway to show you our appreciation! We are at 115 followers on Twitter. If we can get our followers up to 200 by next Monday, July 8th. We will give away a copy of the hard to find Entertainment Weekly featuring the first still’s from ‘Divergent’ with Shailene Woodley and Theo James on the cover!! Just a little something to say Thanks!

How to enter:

1.Go to our Twitter page @trisandfoursite and Follow us, Then RT this message¬†to be entered into the drawing! “RT: I’ve followed @TrisAndFourSite on Twitter and liked their Facebook page to win a copy of Entertainment Weekly!

2. Go to our Facebook page and LIKE us and share with your friends!

We will pick our winner at Random on Monday July 8th at 7pm pacific! Tell your friends, Tell your Wife!


Screen caps from the Entertainment Weekly BTS Video of Divergent!

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Thanks to DivergentFans for breaking down the Entertainment Weekly behind the scenes video of the Divergent shoot! They captured some awesome screencaps! We get to see our first look at the Pit, a more detailed look at Tris’ raven tattoo, a better look at Four’s back tattoo- that wraps around his NECK guys. Let alone I think we get a glimpse of how awesome the chemistry between Shailene and Theo is going to be! Click HERE to view over the 100+ screencaps they have!

adorableFourandTrisshot3THEOThe PitTrainNeckTatbadassbacktatleather tattoo

Video- Entertainment Weekly Behind the Scene’s Video of ‘Divergent’

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I’m beginning to think that maybe we should have just started a Theo Jame’s site? I really can’t wait to hear his American accent. Anyone else feel like Shailene might be a little smitten? I know I would be with Theo giving off those “masculine emissions”

Entertainment Weekly Youtube

Theo James short film ‘Monsoon Nights’

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Thanks to TheoJamesFans for digging this JEM out of hiding!!

This is a short film that Theo was in called ‘Monsoon Nights’ while he was still at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School!
It is about the the events that take place in one night, at a nightclub. You may also see some other familiar faces, like Antonia Thomas, who was in the show Misfits.
Thank You Theo James for your awesome dance moves and the purple shirt… SOMEONE please make some gif’s…

Warning- Some explicit language