GIveaway! Entertainment Weekly, Divergent!

We didn’t hit 200 follower’s by 7pm tonight but when we do… We will give away a copy of the Divergent Entertainment Weekly!! Spread the word!! 

Happy 1 Week birthday to! In honor of our first week’s launch doing SO well and how supportive our friends have been, we want to do a little giveaway to show you our appreciation! We are at 115 followers on Twitter. If we can get our followers up to 200 by next Monday, July 8th. We will give away a copy of the hard to find Entertainment Weekly featuring the first still’s from ‘Divergent’ with Shailene Woodley and Theo James on the cover!! Just a little something to say Thanks!

How to enter:

1.Go to our Twitter page @trisandfoursite and Follow us, Then RT this message to be entered into the drawing! “RT: I’ve followed @TrisAndFourSite on Twitter and liked their Facebook page to win a copy of Entertainment Weekly!

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We will pick our winner at Random on Monday July 8th at 7pm pacific! Tell your friends, Tell your Wife!


Abnegation Invasion by Dauntless! New Set Photo’s!

I think our friends over at DivergentFan’s are my favorite. This morning they gave us a nice 4th of July surprise with NEW set pictures of the Dauntless invasion on Abnegation!

Here we see the Dauntless getting ready to invade. I spy Shai and Theo… Do you?


Weapons… Uniform stance. Loving it!


An Abnegation family being drug out of their house while (we believe) Marcus Eaton (Ray Stevenson)  is being held at gun point!


Check out this awesome Video as well!

Head on over to DivergentFan’s to see LOTS more pictures!!

Veronica Roth get’s emotional about the Ferris Wheel Still

Post by: aprilfaithspice

Last week on Veronica Roth’s Tumblr, The Art of Notwriting, Veronica shared with us her feelings on the Ferris Wheel shot of Tris and Four during capture the flag. I know that I fan-girled HARD when this image was released. I can’t even imagine how surreal this must have been for Veronica to be on set!

Confession: I was on set when this was likely taken, and I may have gotten a little emotional that day (and now, while looking at this photo). This is the actual Ferris wheel on Navy Pier in Chicago. So not only is it beautiful and huge, and not only are Shailene and Theo wonderful as Tris and Four, but that wheel is the real deal, the real thing I was picturing as I wrote this scene, my senior year of college, in my messy apartment with the gray shag rug that always smelled like crackers.

So, this is kind of a special moment for me. You know. A little.

Capture The Flag

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